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The Back Office Book by Karen O'Connor

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                                         The Jack of All Trades

…Master the Back Office and Turn Pitfalls into Profits!

Many small business owners are drowning in the paperwork of daily tasks while doing it all themselves. They soon recognize that they are wearing many hats by having to navigate all of the tasks inherent in the BACK OFFICE, which include understanding taxes, payroll, insurance, legal, accounting, cash flow, and financial management, etc.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders must quickly learn how to delegate many of these tasks while still maintaining responsibility for the outcome. Are you in control of your business?

In this Itty Bitty Book®, Karen O’Connor will share with you 15 simple tips to guide you through your Back Office.

  • How to structure your business to protect your personal assets and minimize your tax liability.

  • How to leverage business credit and debt to increase cash flow and grow your business.

  • How to protect your business from cyber threats.

Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and begin building a solid foundation for success!

About The Author

Karen O’Connor moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado a few weeks after graduating college with a B.A. in Marketing. She became an official “ski bum” her first year, skiing over a 100 days. She later received her MBA in Business Administration. She is an active business consultant, real estate investor and options trader. For over 25 years Karen has developed practical financial and operational strategies that enable her clients to grow their business and create a sustainable foundation for success. With extensive knowledge steeped in accounting, finance and project management, she educates business owners on finding the right systems and professionals, thus allowing them to focus on the task of running their businesses. Karen looks forward to building a legacy of integrity and unparalleled customer care. She continues to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to drive her clients to organizational excellence. “My passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs live theirs!”




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