Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Book Of QuickBooks® Shortcuts
By Barbara L. Starley

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Barbara StarleyWhether you are just getting started using QuickBooks® or are a veteran at your trade, you are likely looking for ways to streamline the tedious task of data entry.

In this book you will learn simple ways to make your data entry efforts easier, your records more accurate, and your job more fun.

Questions I hear repeatedly:

“Isn’t there an easier way?”

“Why can’t I find what I am looking for after I enter it?”

“How can I keep my desk cleared from all this paperwork?”

About The Author - Barbara Starley

Barbara Starley is not your typical CPA; she doesn’t do income taxes or day-to-day bookkeeping. As a Certified QuickBooks® Pro Advisor, Barbara built her own entrepreneurial enterprise and knows what it takes to construct a business that you love.

As an author, speaker, and trainer, Barbara speaks the language of the small business owner. As your “On-Call Controller” she is great at simplifying complex accounting and tax issues and turns confusion into confidence.

Whether one-on-one (on-site or virtually) or in a webinar or seminar format, Barbara comes alongside the entrepreneur to guide, mentor and empower them – primarily in the areas Quickbooks® set-up, training, and troubleshooting.

By bridging the gap between the small business owner’s in-house staff and outside advisors, Barbara creates a win-win-win scenario. The owner wins because they feel informed and can be more proactive with their business finances; the outside tax preparer can give better tax advice because they receive good, solid financial records; and the in-house staff wins because they feel empowered and confident in their job.

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