Your Amazing Itty Bitty®
Communicating With
Your Teenager Book
By Christine Alisa

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Christine Alisa

Your Amazing Itty Bitty™ Communicating With Your Teenager Book 

15 Essential Steps to creating a better relationship with your teen.


When their child reaches teenage years many parents struggle with adjusting to the new changes in their son or daughter.

To say the least, communication becomes difficult. This must have “insiders guidebook’ moves the parent out of frustration, nagging and yelling to learning key strategies that get their teen to listen to them. Parents feel more equipped and confident as they navigate those years.

Is this you?

Does your teen walk right by you and you know they are upset but doesn’t talk to you?

Are you yelling and do not know what else to do?

Is your teen not listening to you when you set boundaries and goes ahead and does what she wants anyway?

Do you feel worn down and manipulated?

Pick up your copy of this powerful fact-filled book today!

About The Author - Christine Alisa, MS

Christine Alisa, M.S. is a traditionally based clinician and an Alternative Therapist. Her innovative work with adults, families, children and therapists moves people through an effective transformational process uncovering and clearing issues of abuse and trauma. As a Marriage Family Therapist and Alternative Therapist in private practice for over 25 years, she facilitates a process that stretches the boundaries of conventional therapy and opens pathways to new methods and solutions for impactful healing results. She is a speaker, author and has been an international trainer of therapists in over seven countries. Christine’s vision is a world free from abuse and her mission is building a global platform of healers that make change possible

Her love for children and teenagers began when Christine was a teacher, but she felt she could make a bigger difference with teens and their families by becoming a counselor. Christine wrote this book for parents and guardians who struggle with the changes they see in their teenager and feel helpless to know how to deal with them. “I want adults to be empowered; to have strategies and tools for communication as their child enters this phase of his/her life.”



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