Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Marijuana Manual By Kat Bohnsack

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With the recent "Green Rush" in the United States, a lot of people question whether this billion dollar market is for fun or for real.

Cannabis has been used for health and medical benefits for thousands of years and has documentation to back it up.

There are many conditions that may be helped with marijuana and its compounds, and the list seems to be getting longer as research continues.

1. Learn facts from prestigious research.

2. Find out how far back marijuana has been documented as relieving pain and aliments.

3. Read about little known ways cannabis can lessen and, sometimes stop, pain symptoms.

4. Get suggestions on which strains help certain conditions best.​

Let this book be a starting point to take control of your health and life; something to add to ​your holistic regime.

About The Author - Kat Bohnsack

Kat Bohnsack is a modern day gypsy and clairvoyant who teaches others about finding more effective ways to live their lives and grow closer to our source of power. She is also a speaker, educator, business owner, author, and a proud disabled veteran of the USAF.

Kat comes from a family of active duty and disabled veterans across every war from Vietnam to Iraqi Freedom. She has dedicated herself to providing education, truth and answers to the decades long prohibition of a miraculous and organic plant that has a proven healing record spanning almost 5,000 years called cannabis.

Kat lives near Seattle, WA with her husband, Jeff, who is also a veteran committed to helping others. Kat works with the world’s largest freedom of speech and cannabis event, Seattle Hempfest, she is an honored member of the prestigious group Women of Weed, featured in National Geographic, is considered an expert in her field and is associated with many businesses and groups who stand up for the rights of veterans, disabled persons and adults that choose this holistic herb (marijuana) for their personal health care needs. May freedom from persecution of any kind, reign and fill this world with peace, wisdom and kindness.

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