Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Tax Audit Prevention Book By Nellie Williams

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Nellie WilliamsIn the eyes of the IRS, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. You must show that you reported all of your income.

You must show that you spent the money for the allowable deductions you took on your tax return.

Important things to know about the IRS:

The IRS uses a secret formula to select tax returns for audit.

Nobody knows what this formula is.

The formula scores your return compared to other returns in your industry, in your geographical area.

The higher the score, the higher your chance of winning the IRS audit lottery.

With the right planning, you CAN protect yourself.

In her ground breaking Itty Bitty Book, Enrolled Agent Nellie Williams teaches you not only how to avoid audits but what to do if you are audited.

About The Author - Nellie Williams

Nellie Williams: No little girl dreams of being an auditor when she grows up. Neither did Nellie. She grew up in Lake Bluff, Illinois, heralded by the Chicago Tribune as the most patriotic little town in America. The Fourth of July is her most favorite holiday next to Christmas.

She moved to Phoenix, Arizona, with her family and loves their two seasons: hot and hotter. :)

Even during tax season, she loves to sing in her church choir at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Nellie is often asked, "Are you still an agent for the IRS?" No, after leaving the IRS, Nellie became an Enrolled Agent. An EA is enrolled with the Department of the Treasury to act as YOUR agent at all levels of the IRS anywhere in the world they have an office.

Because she is limited in how many people she can help one-on-one at her desk during tax season, she developed her training program to help more people. She has been teaching for over 30 years and invites you to learn how you, too, can pay your fair share and not a penny more.

Nellie is blessed to be married to her husband, Steve, who totally supports her in her business.




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