Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Astrology Book By Carol Pilkington

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Carol PilkingtonThe Amazing Itty Bitty Astrology Book 15 Key Questions People Ask About Astrology Astrology charts can be found in books, magazines, newspapers and all over the Internet.

Behind those charts is real information that dates back to the times when humans observed and used the stars to guide their everyday lives.

Questions people ask:

• What can astrology do for me?

• Why should I believe in astrology?

• Where does Astrology come from?

If you find Astrology fascinating, pick up a copy of this helpful book today.

About The Author - Carol Pilkington 

Carol Pilkington (pronounced Pil King Ton) is a spiritual mentor working predominately with women that are in transition in life and/or that are looking for deeper meaning, understanding and purpose. She teaches the power of deep inquiry into those questions that beg to be answered, that will unleash our true and authentic nature.

Carol has a thriving practice in the Greater Los Angeles area for over 10 years. She is a graduate of the Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics where emphasis was on Person-Centered or Humanistic astrology and what Dane Rudhyar (pronounced Rud Yar) coined Transpersonal Astrology as well as training in Partner Assisted Meditation/Contemplation.

Carol innately knew at a very young age that the answers to the type of questions she was asking would not be found in traditional textbooks or therapy. Carol wanted to know about the seemingly mysteries of life and what makes each of us different. It was/is through astrology and Contemplation (Meditation) that she embarked on a serious path of discovering what the purpose and meaning of being here is and what it means to be human. She says Astrology is archetypal in nature and reflects the universality of human behavior. It is both a science and an art.

Carol enjoys working with clients that have handled life according to society’s expectations in the world, i.e. job, family, etc. and now they are looking for deeper meaning, understanding and purpose. Astrology and Contemplation are some of the tools that can be used as guides for Self-discovery and to assist us to actualize our fullest potential.

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