Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Travel Planning Book By Rosemary Workman

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Rosemary WorkmanThe Amazing Itty Bitty Travel Planning Book is written and designed for readers who want information from experts but who do not want to read large books to get it. The book is divided into 15 Steps. Each step is re-divided by numbers and bullet points for ease of reading.

It is further designed so that the information the reader thinks is important can be easily found and used again and again. The Steps are action oriented. Things that are important to do before you go on a trip and ways to do them that are simple and effective.

If you are interested in reducing the stress of your travel in 15 Easy Steps grab a copy of your Amazing Itty Bitty Travel Planning Book today.

About The Author - Rosemary Workman

Her deep passion, however, has always been to travel and experience different cultures. She has had this love of travel since childhood and always made time to enjoy the beauty of what the world has to offer.

She recently retired from healthcare and is now devoting her time to her passions in the hope that she can help others plan that trip and go on the vacation of their dreams.

Rosemary lives in Fallbrook, California with her husband, David, and their two beautiful Golden Retrievers.

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