Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Guide to Cannabis and Sex

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 Cannabis for Greater Sexual Satisfaction

Discover Fun And Effective Ways To Spice up The Bedroom With Cannabis.

As cannabis is becoming more mainstream, research is confirming the impacts cannabis has on your libido. Cannabis, nature’s aphrodisiac helps many overcome sexual shame and sexual difficulties. Resulting in better sex and orgasms.

 In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, Carli Jo takes you down the path of possibilities by guiding you on how to pair cannabis and sex to create a happy, healthy sex life.

Introduce and play with these 15 ideas within your relationship to promote passion and erotic fun!

For example:


  • Explore which form of cannabis is best for you.
  • Create ritual for optimal pleasure.
  • Learn your Core Erotic Blueprint™ type for greater sexual satisfaction.


Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the joy that come when you invest in creating a loving, passion-filled sex life.


Carli Jo is a Cannabis Sensuality Coach specializing in helping individuals learn
their Erotic Blueprint™ Type for a deeper understanding of their unique sexual
wiring and pathway to pleasure.

Carli Jo’s cutting edge work has been featured in The New Yorks Times, Merry Jane
Media and High Times Magazine.

When Carli Jo is not working on her Sex and Cannabis business she enjoys spending
time with her dog Chester and husband Jose who lets him be her guinea pig.


eBook $2.99
Paperback $6.99

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