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In-Person Cold Calling

15 Steps To Attaining Multi-Million Dollar Corporate Clients.

Most people are afraid of Cold Calling. Some of the reasons can be lack of confidence, fear of rejection or fear of failure. It can also test your mental toughness and work ethic.

In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, Anthony Camacho, International Best Selling Author, shares some of the best secrets that he has garnered over the past 20 years, to help you secure corporate clients and seven figures in sales. Through this book, you will build the confidence and techniques needed to grow your business and your revenue stream.

  • If prospects don't know you exist how can you ever be an option to do business with them.
  • People need to know your name whether they do business with you or not. COLD CALL the WORLD and make it warm.


If you want to start growing your business immediately, pick up a copy of this powerful little book today




 In sales circles he's known as the Hitman. A nickname earned not from the gang life he escaped as a teen; but for his ability to turn ‘cold into sold’.

Having worked with start-ups to $40 million ‘small businesses’ Anthony Camacho is a sales and performance mentor to everyday entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 100/500 companies.

A multi-published best-selling author, Anthony has cold called millions of dollars in sales and has been so successful in his industry that he became the youngest regional sales manager for a large multinational consulting corporation.

A former Dale Carnegie Coach and certified sales coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Anthony has 20 years of experience in cold calling, generating new prospects, bringing in new business, closing deals and managing sales teams.

Working with corporate clients, executives, business rockstars and entrepreneurs. He is the CEO and creator of the Sales Performance Training Company The Top Producer Factory.


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