Your Amazing Itty Bitty® How To Become a Keynote Speaker by Lisa Hiasha

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Learn to Be a Confident Public Speaker!

Discover new ways to be a memorable speaker in 15 steps

 In this informative Itty Bitty book, Lisa Haisha teaches you how to navigate through the vast industry of Keynote Speaking. Included are tips and guidelines that will not only help you speak to live audiences, but give you the confidence and skills to communicate with anyone.

Use these helpful tools and tips to help you grow and develop your public speaking skills.

For example:


  • Learning important speaking components, from writing the speech to delivery
  • Finding your unique voice
  •  Learning to find your niche and book speaking gigs


 Pick up a copy of this important book today. Remove your fears and experience the art of public speaking and powerful communication in all areas of your life.




Lisa Haisha, M.A., is showing people how to
“show up” in their own lives personally, professionally, and passionately with her fearless expression in all media as a globally sought-after life counselor and international speaker, Tedx speaker, and workshop facilitator. Lisa has been a guest on many news programs as a guest expert in communication, speaking, and as a life coach. She is also on the covers and regular contributor to many magazines over the past decade. 


Lisa helps people discover the answers to these perennial soul-searching questions through SoulBlazing™, a process she created using her Impostor Model™. Her popular, decades-old, work has garnered the attention of Hollywood’
s elite, CEO's, and entrepreneurs, helping them deal with ego, fear and shame. This helped catapult their careers to a different level where they are both successful and happy.

’s continued fascination with what makes people tick compelled her to travel for three decades to over 60 countries on seven continents. On this journey she compiled social and cultural research by studying the likes of the Sufis in Cappadocia, Shamans in Peru, Bedouins in Petra, and the Massai Tribes of Tanzania.

She took a five year journey interviewing orphans and compiled their answers to three magical questions in the book,
Whispers From Children’s Hearts, that started a global movement.

Look for her speaking events, seminars, and conferences in a city near you. Her upcoming books
SoulBlazing and Unmade Beds will be released soon. Her TV show SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha, where she interviews thought leaders, game changers and celebrities is available now on Amazon.







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