Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Explore Space Now Book By Pam Hoffman

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Explore Space, Science and Astronomy -
For Regular Folks

Have an Amazing Experience with these 15 Simple, Fun and Thrilling Activities; Safe for the Whole Family

Experience thrilling, space exploration adventures yourself, from the safety of your own back yard or home. Work your way out from there to even more interesting and self-directed activities of your own choosing.

45 ideas for learning about the cosmos - one additional and one advanced activity per chapter - to take this space exploring adventure as far as you would like!

You can explore space from earth:

  •  Start where you are, indoors or out. 
  • Search for satellites among the stars above you. 
  • Fits any budget from none to making money yourself!        
  • These are the safest thrills you can have with your whole family.

Pick up a copy of this exciting book today and start your own adventures exploring space, science and astronomy!




Pam Hoffman is an Everyday Spacer. Most of the things she wrote about in this book, she has done herself and you can too!

Every day, in dozens of different ways, it’s getting easier and easier to participate directly and personally in space exploration, science and astronomy.

It’s getting easier on the pocketbook too; this Itty Bitty Book is a great example of that.

If you would like to know more and get involved in these things directly, please visit us at EverydaySpacer.com and browse around a bit, or contact Pam@everydayspacer.com.
 We have something for almost everyone, wherever you are, whatever you have time for and for pretty much any budget.




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