Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Guide To Being TED-Worthy By John Bates

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Make All of Your Communication TED-Worthy

  Become a far more effective Leader and Communicator 
By Using Principles Based in Neurobiology


Public speaking is the original human communication medium. Long before television and radio everything important was started with public speaking. It’s still the most effective method for influencing human beings and you’re now in competition for people’s attention with the best speakers in the world.

In this deeply insightful Itty Bitty Book, John Bates shows you how to use the powerful principles he teaches to TED and TEDx speakers, the NASA astronauts, top executives, and other leaders around the world.

Using these 15 easily applied, core principles you can vault into the top 1% of speakers world-wide and dramatically turbocharge your influence, presence and memorability.

 You will:


  •  Discover the incredible power of mirror neurons as applied to public speaking and leadership.
  • Experience the amazing difference when you use advice from none other than Snoop Doggy Dogg.
  •  Learn the 3 ways to inspire and connect with any audience, any time, any place on Earth.


Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and make all of your communication TED-Worthy


John Bates has always had the soft skills and was, for a long time, envious of those with the hard skills. That is, until he first attended the TED Conference in 2009 where he was absolutely astounded by the power of truly great public speaking.

As he was volunteering for one of the very first TEDx events, TEDxSantaMonica, he had a light bulb moment. One of the speakers, who had all the hard skills, was so uncomfortable and nervous that everyone in the audience felt like they were going to throw up, because he was so nervous. As the evil part of John laughed with schadenfreude his good friend Michael walked over and said, “We’ve got to do something to make a difference for people like this…”

It was a liminal moment for John as he realized that if he just got over himself he could make a difference for people, especially people with the hard skills.

Out of that experience John based all of his training in neurobiology and science. John now works regularly with organizations like NASA, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and has coached the speakers for over 35 TEDx events, and counting. 




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