Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Chocolate book by Deeann Elder, Diana Deene, and Dr. Carla Rudolph

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Healthy Chocolate!
Too Good To Be True?


Have an Amazing Life
By Eating Chocolate that Is Healthy


A billion people eat chocolate every day! It’s an emotional, sensual, mouth-watering comfort food. Most people don’t know chocolate is also a nutritious food and one of the healthiest on the planet.

In this sensational Itty Bitty® Book, Dr. Carla, Deeann and Diana reveal how eating healthy chocolate every day can create more happiness, better health and increase longevity.

Discover the 15 compelling facts why chocolate needs to be a daily healthy habit for you and everyone you love.

·         Casanova’s secret revealed

·         Crush the Big C

·         Activate your skinny gene

·         Banish your blues

·         Get more from your workout 

If you already love chocolate, pick up a copy of this powerful book today and discover how delicious and beneficial chocolate can really be.




Deeann Elder is passionate about people and their health. Her friends call her their personal cheerleader as she is always in their corner. For many years she has been interested in nutrition and taught classes at Orange Coast College, including a course on Modern Meals. Her thirst for knowledge leads her to continually learn and implement that information in daily life. Deeann is an enthusiastic reader and loves to travel, especially taking leisurely road trips. Deeann graduated with honors earning a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics at CSULB.

Diana Deene’s strong desire to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives led her to spend more than 30 years as a psychotherapist. She has long been on the forefront of innovations in holistic health, focusing on nutrition and practicing yoga long before there was a yoga studio on every corner. Diana delights in playing brain games, reading fiction, attending live theater and exploring her creativity. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Mills College and her doctorate at the California School of Professional Psychology.

As a holistic health care practitioner, Dr. Carla Rudolph has been branded The Architect of Modern-day Health Care. With more that 25 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Carla has always been on the forefront of advanced health care and loves discovering new approaches to wellness and longevity. Her expertise in alternative and complementary medicine, as well as her education and experience in Applied Kinesiology and nutritional counseling, have led her to specialize in working with and solving difficult cases. Dr. Rudolph earned her BA with honors at UC Davis, graduated with honors from Palmer West Chiropractic College, and completed post-graduate studies at Western States Chiropractic College.

Deeann, Diana and Dr. Carla met several years ago, drawn to a seminar on the health benefits of chocolate. All three share an interest in nutrition, health and wellness. They believe a personalized path to preventative care and wellness is extremely important in helping people achieve their health goals. They came together realizing there was a need to share their combined knowledge that, indeed, chocolate is a miracle food. 




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