Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Little Black Book of Sales Quotes By Anthony Camacho

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Quotes and Phrases to Inspire
Productivity and Sales

60 power-quotes from the Sales Leader and
Best Selling Author Anthony Camacho! 

It is time to take your sales and business into your own hands and create a
culture of successful and positive sales professionals. Shift the outlook of
your team in a more powerful and thriving way.

In this Amazing Itty Bitty® Book, "Hitman", Anthony Camacho uses inspirational quotes to assist in removing the plague of negativity from your daily sales along with your daily life.

Who will benefit from this book: Sales professionals, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and so many more.

Have a new impact on your sales with mental toughness by reading this book cover-to-cover, reading and reflecting on one quote per day or week, or by focusing on a specific topic, i.e. cold calling, follow-up, etc.

"Buildstrong affirmations for a successful day. Live by COURAGE, STRENGTH, and AMBITIONIN SALES.                            ~Anthony Camacho

up this Amazing Itty Bitty® Book today to learn and be motivated by the sales Master!



Anthony Camacho also known as the HITMAN is an International Sales Performance Trainer, multi published author and a bestselling author as well.  He attributes his selling success to his love of people. He has invested tens of thousands of dollars in books, workshops and seminars to understand human behavior, leadership and influence in order to best serve his clients.

Camacho has in-person cold called millions of dollars in sales through his skill-set of making friends and connecting with people. He was known in his former company as “The Hitman” for his high-closing, new accounts ratio. Now he spends 100% of his time teaching sales professionals, entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar companies how to do the same.

In 2013, at the top of his selling career, he opened his own business as a motivational speaker and sales trainer. His goal is to change the world view of salesmanship both inside and outside of the sales industry.



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