Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Real Estate Exam Book by Stephanie Stern

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Passing Your Real Estate Exam

15 Key Steps to 
the state requirements for entering the lucrative world of buying and selling property.

The Real Estate Industry is vast with a solid history of investment leaving it ripe for sales, construction and portfolio diversification. In this forthright Itty Bitty Book, Stephanie Stern shows you current and reliable key steps for passing your Real Estate Exam thereby allowing you access to the tremendous wealth generating world of Real Estate.

For example: Understand your personal learning style. Identify and define Real Estate terminology. Learn your state exam requirements.

If you are considering entering the world of Real Estate, pick up a copy of this valuable book today. 



About The Author

Stephanie Stern loves all facets of the Real Estate Industry. She has experience with many different areas such as Construction, T.I., Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Investments for Residential, as well as, Commercial. She lives in Los Angeles with her fabulous husband, David, and dreams of having many animals old and young to love on.


You can reach Stephanie at: www.passingyourrealestateexam.com

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