Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Video Gaming Addiction Book by Sean Bryan

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Video Game Addiction Book
For Families
15 Essential Things You Must Know About
Video Game Addiction and Your Child.

Every year children spend over 90 billion dollars playing video games. 20% become addicted to the games and end up harming themselves and others around them. 

In this revolutionary Itty Bitty® Book, educator Sean Bryan shows you what to look for when evaluating the potential for addiction in your young Gamer, how to recognize an addicted child and how to help your child break that addiction and return to living as a functioning member of your family and the community in which you live.

Make yourself aware of your child’s behavior and changes and evaluate how video game addiction may already be affecting their behavior.

For example:

·        Sudden development of academic decline
·        Loss of social skills and Inability to communicate
·        Loss of interest in members of the opposite sex
·        Weight gain and loss of interest in physical activity.

Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the joys and successes that come when your child is no longer addicted to Video Games.  




Sean Bryan has been video gaming since the industry was born. He’s played on every system until 2010. Sean was a semi-pro video gamer who trained two players that became professional players. His addiction of choice was World of Warcraft.

Sean Bryan has been teaching for fifteen years. He is actively involved in his school, running two clubs during lunchtime. Sean loves teaching English, and History. He sneaks into the Science classes to hear all the new information, particularly about Space.

Sean Bryan quit gaming cold turkey, with the help of his mentors Jon & Alison. Sean spends most of his time with his friends and family.



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