Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Foster & Adoptive Parent Guide by James Poindexter, III

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Successful Guide for Connecting Foster and 
Adoptive Families

Learn how to connect with your foster and adoptive teen by applying 15 helpful tips given by former foster and
adoptive teens.

Teenagers can be a mystery to say the least. Teens that have been through the foster care system can be even more of a challenge. Often they must move on while living with someone who is not their biological family. They need a great community of people to guide them to success and it starts with amazing parents.

In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, James 
Poindexter III gives you 15 tips with explanations on how to connect with your teen and guide them to success. 

Some things kids in foster care need you to know:


  • TheSame Key Doesn’t Fit Every Lock. 
  • We Appreciate You, Even If We Don’t Say So Immediately.
  • If We Argue, I Will Say Mean Things But I Still Need You.


 If you are a Foster Parent or planning to on fostering, adopting or becoming a legal guardian, pick up a copy of this important little book today.



James Poindexter III, CC is a former child of foster care who entered the system at the age of 10 after much abuse and being abandoned by his biological parents.

He moved 21 times in the next 5 years before finding a family who would keep him until he aged out of the system. During his time with this family (Robin and Caroline Griffith) and with the help of the National Youth Advocate Program, a top-level foster care agency, and his community, James turned his troubled life completely around.

His parents and NYAP allowed him to enter karate as part of his anger management program. During the next 8 years James, a member of the Fairmont Karate Academy, began to excel. He won 7 National Karate Championships, became a member of the United States Martial Arts Team, won the World Martial Arts Championships and silver-medaled at the Goodwill Games and the World Cup. He also went on to graduate college with 2 degrees and now has his own business, JH Brands, training parents, mentoring youth and speaking professionally about overcoming obstacles and how to think and live like a champion.

James is married to Rawnak Poindexter and has a two year old daughter named Nevaeh. In spite of all the statistics that say otherwise, James has proven that kids in the system can have success.




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