Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Body Life Connection Book by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer

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Explore the Mysterious Link Between
Your  Life and Your Body

15 Fascinating Things That Demonstrate the Connection Between Your Life-Issues and Body Pain or Illness

There is a relationship between your life-issues and physical pain in or injury to different body parts. If, for example, you are experiencing pain in your lower back, you may also be undergoing money problems. Pain in your shoulders may be a reflection of stress in the way you carry your burdens. This Itty Bitty® book is filled with information and affirmations that address the problems associated with body pain and life issues.

The difficulties can be approached from the body parts themselves or by visiting www.ittybittypublishing.com and pulling a body part card. Discover the issue and get your affirmation for the day.

Body Part Issues include
  • Elbows involve establishing boundaries.
  • Pelvis is about creativity. 
  • Your Buttocks is your seat of power.

If finding out about the Body-Life issues interests you pick up a copy of this remarkable little book today.

About The Author - Suzy Prudden

SUZY PRUDDEN co-founder of Itty Bitty™ Books made her stage debut in a dance recital at the age of two as the lead elephant in a long line of two-year olds in a rendition of “The Circus.” It was love at first performance. Suzy never again saw a stage she didn’t want to be on – preferably in the center.

At 22 Suzy started a fitness and toddler program at home – following her mother Bonnie Prudden’s sage advice to “keep ‘em busy” – she founded Suzy Prudden Studios – the first, largest and most successful toddler exercise school in New York City. That school, which branched out into gymnastics and women’s exercise, took her to 13 books, twenty national tours, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Ophra, along with hundreds of magazines and newspapers and total burn out.

To ease the burn out she started studying metaphysics and hypnosis which led her to opening and building the largest Hypnosis Center Specializing in Weight Loss in Los Angeles. It was during these years she discovered that she was a truly great salesperson.

As a successful entrepreneur, and author of a dozen books, she next started coaching her business hypnosis clients in how to grow their companies. On the way, she and her sister Joan Meijer-Hirschland wrote “The Itty Bitty™ Weight Loss Book” and discovered a unique blend of publishing and business opportunity.

Together they founded the Itty Bitty™ Publishing Community which publishes Itty Bitty™ Books – 15 Simple Informative Steps By Experts In Fields Of All Kinds. Prudden hangs out with experts of all kinds and within days of announcing the founding of the company began signing authors.

You can find out more about Suzy at www.suzyprudden.com.

About The Author - Joan Meijer-Hirschland

JOAN MEIJER-HIRSCHLAND Co-Founder of Itty Bitty™ Books has been Suzy Prudden’s co-author since 1987 and a writer in her own right since 1980. Like Prudden, Meijer started in traditional publishing and graduated into self-publishing and then into publishing itself.

Several years ago, at the age of 70, Joan Meijer discovered self-publishing. It all happened because she retired and decided to add to her income by writing erotic short stories. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that doing all the publishing and designing herself seriously improved her bottom line. Not only that, but she enjoyed the publishing process.

Audiences at the workshops she attends sit up in their chairs and lean forward when she rolls onto a stage in her wheel chair (she battles arthritis) and informs them that she’s a smut writer under the a pen name – Joan Russell. Not only is she a smut writer but she has mastered cover design, printing and publishing her stories and books on the internet.

Meijer also writes medical thrillers under the pen name John Russell. She writes alternative histories under Joan Meijer, and books about writing and Itty Bitty™ Books under Joan Meijer-Hirschland.

“I write under different names because it’s less confusing for readers,” she explains in her writing course How to Self-Publish Your Book for Under $5.00. “I don’t want to mix How tos with murder and mayhem or erotica.”

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Paperback $6.99

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