Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Imagery Book by Rhona Jordan

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Imagery – The Oldest Form of Healing on the Planet – 15 Healing Reasons to Use Your ImaginationHumans have always used their imagination, even before they had a language. Imagery is proven to release natural feel-good chemicals in the body, helping you to manage pain, illness, anger, stress, addiction, sleep, surgery and grief.

In this thought-provoking Itty Bitty® Book, Rhona Jordan identifies 15 reasons to use the power of your mind, among them: Heal at home with no down time, side effects, or added expense. Manage chronic and acute pain. Reduce or eliminate stress, fear or depression. Improve brain health. Pick up this book today and learn to use your imagination as a powerful resource for healing.





Rhona first experienced Guided Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis when she was scheduled for a serious cancer surgery. The imagery was powerful and Rhona breezed through the procedure and recovered ahead of schedule. This life-changing event motivated Rhona to learn more about these powerful techniques.

An avid believer in the power of imagery, Rhona stays on the cutting edge. Her academic background spans the study of Regression Therapy in New Delhi, India, to her recent graduation from Chopra University, where she qualified as a global Primordial Sound Meditation instructor for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

Rhona currently works from four clinics in Orange County, California, offering imagery and hypnosis to patients during their medical procedures, and maintains her private practice in Orange. She also offers free monthly meditations at a local hospital in Newport Beach.

Awarded Humanitarian of the Year by the Trauma Intervention Program for her work with trauma victims and first responders, Rhona is a sought-after motivational speaker.


Imagine what can be achieved!




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