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Raising Child Actors

15 Expert Tips for Raising Kids in Show Business


Every year, thousands of parents help their children pursue their dreams of becoming an actor. Success requires not only determination, but an understanding of how to deal with the many issues that families of aspiring young actors encounter throughout their career.

In this informative Itty Bitty Book, entertainment industry insider, Dr. Lima Bergmann, shows you what to expect and how to prepare your child, yourself and your family for the most common situations parents face during the different phases of a child actor’s career.

“Lima has written a wonderful and easy to follow book of tips for parents of aspiring young actors. I wish this invaluable information had been available to me when my daughter began auditioning.”Laura Klein, mother of Alisan Porter (former child actress and winner of season 10 of The Voice).

"I wish I had this book as a guide when we moved to L.A. Many aspects of this business took me by surprise. This should be required reading for all families of child actors." - Pam Bushman, mother of actress Lindsay Bushman.

"Lima's personal and professional experience uniquely positions her to provide health, positive advice for families in the entertainment business. This Itty Bitty book is a test book for success." -Toni Casala, Founder, Children In Film

Lima Bergmann, PsyD is a clinical psychologist and mother of two film and television actresses; Lyndsy Fonseca and Hannah Leigh.

Get a copy of this book today and gain the knowledge and the confidence needed to support your child actor.




When Lima Bergmann’s fourteen year old daughter, Lyndsy, asked her if she could take a modeling class for the summer, Lima had no problem saying yes. One thing led to another and eighteen months later, Lyndsy was offered a three-year contract on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Lima and her husband were surprised to be in the position of having to decide whether to quit their jobs, sell their house and relocate to Los Angeles or spend a lifetime wondering how things might have turned out for their daughter. 

What followed were fifteen years of home schooling, auditions, acting, dance and singing lessons, meetings with agents and managers, and many hours of sitting on sets for both of her daughters. Between both Lyndsy and her younger sister, Hannah, they have worked over a hundred jobs in commercials, theater, film and television.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Bergmann spent the first half of her career treating children and families in foster care, juvenile hall, and as the Clinical Director at a mental health clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. After moving to Los Angeles she transitioned to a private practice specializing in counseling entertainment industry clients. In addition to her therapy practice, Lima offers private consultations for families who are navigating the entertainment industry with their child actors.

As a speaker, Dr. Bergmann addresses audiences on the issues facing families in the entertainment industry, including the differences between supporting and sabotaging their child’s career.




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