Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Eldercare Book by John Smith

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Caring Caregiver Book for Families

Help the one you love stay in their own home - by Applying 15 Key Steps for Keeping Your Elderly Parent at Home – Safely & Comfortably


Every caring child wants to keep their elderly parent healthy, comfortable and vibrant in their own home. They want to share memories of the past, respect their parents’ wishes and add meaningful life to the end of life.

In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, John S. Smith, Jr. walks you through the steps and techniques for keeping your parents healthy and active at a time when they are slowing down.

Following these steps will help you prepare for challenges related to the aging process. It will serve as a companion through assuring that they have the paperwork needed to make sure their wishes are known and will be fulfilled

For example:

  • Document to have on hand in anticipation for unexpected situations.

  • Encouraging self-care, keeping your parent active and involved in their care in the event if you are far away from home.

  • Resources available to pay for long term care at home.

Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the joys and rewards of caring for your elderly parent right in their own home.




John Smith is the founder of Prestige Healthcare Resources (PHR) DBA Personnel Results, an in-home care, case management and staffing agency, which focuses on improving the lifestyles of the elderly and senior population.

He came to the United States as an immigrant. For several years before that move, he experienced several painful experiences and setbacks, the roughest being a ten-year period of living in Liberia, where he endured exposure to a ravaging civil war.  Some of the misfortune continued after he reached the U.S.; while working at a menial job, he almost lost a finger in a “near miss” incident.

Despite these and other set-backs, Mr. Smith was determined to succeed as the voice for the vulnerable elderly population and to be the best in what he does. Hence, his nickname “
No Excuse Guy” is not a coincidence.

After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in nursing, Mr. Smith went on to work at various hospital settings in a variety of specialties. He worked as a Telemetry Nurse, Medical/Surgical Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Home Health Nurse and Community Health Nurse. Despite working at various health care settings and specialties, his true love and passion is giving voice to the elderly population.

While working in the health care industry, Mr. Smith noticed several disparities, which fueled his desire to found Prestige Healthcare Resources in 2009 with the objective of enhancing and improving the lifestyle of the elderly population and their families.

Under his leadership, Prestige expanded into five states and became one of the prime case management companies in the District of Columbia. The Prestige teams, under the supervision of Mr. Smith, organically grew the company from a couple of elderly patients to almost six hundred. 

Mr. Smith has been invited to speak on numerous occasions to tell his story and offer much-needed advice to individuals and families on how to keep their loved ones safe at home. He has helped countless families learn how to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and prevent fulltime institutionalization. He has been an inspirational icon for the healthcare industry, frequently offering his expertise to new employees, students and people up and down the corporate ladder. 

Outside of work, Mr. Smith enjoys spending time with his family, working out, playing tennis, ping-pong and volleyball.



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