Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Little Black Book of Success For Leaders Book By Anthony Camacho

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Leadership Success 

Turn Your Sales Team Into the Most Productive Team in Your Company. Be a Winner.

Your promotion to leadership requires a new mindset. All the skills that you have acquired over your sales history now have a new application – a new customer – Your Sales Team.

In this remarkable Itty Bitty® Book, internationally famous sales performance trainer Anthony Camacho shows you how to apply your sales skills to create successful and effective Sales Teams.

You will learn:

  • The essentials of coaching your sales team.
  • How to motivate your team.
  • How to delegate with style.
  • How to motivate your team to greater success.


If you want to learn how to apply your sales skills to a higher leadership level, pick up a copy of this revolutionary Itty Bitty® Book today.



About the Author 


Anthony Camacho, also known as the Hitman. Is the  CEO/Founder of the Top Producer Factory. Motivational Speaker, International Sales Performance Coach and Leadership Sales Management Trainer. Best Selling Published Author and Corporate MC. A Dales Carnegie Coach and IPEC Certified Professional Coach.

He has completed over 500 on sight training workshops for multi million and billion dollar sales organizations. In addition he provides off site seminars At Pelican Hill Newport Beach, Wynn Las Vegas, Aria Las Vegas, Hotel Irvine etc. His company has been hired to consult and coach all over the world.

Purchase his recently published "Little Black of Sales" off Amazon or Kindle.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YC5CYYE

You can also follow him on his new YouTube Series on Sales Tips to stretch your sales performance. https://youtu.be/8adZQXOpH7E

"You have the power to write your own Paycheck in sales"

-Anthony Camacho

At the age of 22, Anthony became the youngest
franchise owner for an automotive consulting company.  For six consecutive years, he single-handedly generated over $700,000 in total revenue. The corporate office wanted to continue to utilize Anthony’s skills on a much larger scale. At the age of 28, Anthony sold his franchise and later became the youngest Regional Sales Manager in North America. During his tenure in the corporate office, he was tasked with cold calling, generating new prospects, bringing in new business, closing deals, and managing a sales team. He consistently achieved the highest new account closing ratio which quickly earned him the nickname “The HITMAN.”

Anthony attributes his strong work ethic to his grandparents who taught him the value of hard work, perseverance and motivation.

Contact him today for a complimentary sales assessment. Also visit his websitewww.topprodcucerfactory.com for more information. 

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