Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Retirement Book By Mary Helen Conroy

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Amazing Retirement Book for
the Nearly & Newly Retired

Focus on You and Your Life, Not Just Your Money!

Every day 10,000 people retire. After spending decades
working, they are shocked to face the personal challenges of their lives’ nextphase. They need help!

In this tip-infused Itty Bitty Book, Mary Helen Conroy
guides you through the process of retirement, to help you enjoy your bonus years.

Planning for the next 20 to 30 years of your life starts
right inside these pages. Be prepared to challenge and expand your ideas of how you might live your retirement years.

Are you ready to:

  • Learn tips on making friends over 50?
  • Embrace the changes of your next best chapter?
  • Build a life not a vacation in your retirement?

Pick up a copy of this amazing book and begin to craft YOUR retirement life YOUR way today.



Mary Helen Conroy is an encore (after her career life) entrepreneur, starting three companies working with the nearly and newly retired. Her bonus years are full; speaking, writing, coaching, podcastingand giving virtual retirement parties. 

She is an adventurer extraordinaire. Enjoying the adventures of Nancy Drew at age 10 led her to a career in librarianship, teaching and sales.

is a daring adventure for her. She lives each day in Madison, WI, filled with the love of an amazing partner, family and friends.

A perfect stage for retirement…some day! 




E-Reader Book $2.99
Paperback $6.99

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