Your Amzing Itty Bitty® Message Mastery Book By Sarah Coolidge

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Master Your Life By 
Mastering Your Message 

Make An Incredible Impact On Your Business & Life
By Applying 15 Steps To Improve Your Image Through Your Written Words!

When communication fails, the costs are countless. Business deals are lost. Relationships are ruined. Hearts are broken. 

In this amazing Itty Bitty Book, Sarah Coolidge shows you how becoming the Master of your written words will increase your success in all areas and support you to create a thriving business and a joyful life.

Master the steps in this book and you will be able to use all of today’s written technology, including websites, emails, and self-publishing to win customers, clients and friends.

For example:
●Create a compelling and convincing first impression.

●Build rapport and connection with your reader.

●Set yourself apart as the best in your field.

Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the prosperity and joy that result from investing in Mastering Your Message.



Sarah Coolidge grew up in a household which was uniquely focused on communication and the English language. Her mother was a second-generation English major, who constantly reminded Sarah and her sisters to “aspirate your h’s” and “enunciate!” Her father suffered from speech aphasia as the result of a cerebral aneurysm, and had difficulty constructing complete, understandable sentences. This complex environment brought an intense focus to the impact of language to her childhood and life.

Sarah specializes in supporting entrepreneurs, small business people and website builders to present their best possible written messages to the world. She is a sought-after proofreader in the self-publishing industry and the co-author of “Make a Book, Move a Book, Book a Sale.” “Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Message Mastery Book” is her second book.

Ms. Coolidge resides in Tahoe Vista, California.




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Paperback $6.99

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