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Heading Home Book
15 Simple Steps to a Successful Military Transition 

Transitioning from military service back into civilian life is an exciting and challenging time.

In this Itty Bitty Book, U.S. Navy veteran, Carolyn R. Owens, shows you simple strategies you can use to make the process much more enjoyable and reduce overwhelm and frustration.

Begin your transition process by following these simple but important steps to chart your course and you will have and edge over the competition, allowing you to breath a little easier.  

For example:
  • Begin the process earlier rather than later.

  • Research potential job markets/leads.

  • Don't underestimate using social media as a tool for networking, job search or promoting a business.

  • How to effectively address adversities andsetbacks to achieve success 

Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and develop a successful plan for the next phase of  your career and life!  But most of all, thank  you for your service!

 About The Author:

Carolyn R. Owens is a United States Navy veteran and the Chairwoman and CEO of Infinity Coaching, Inc., which provides career, leadership and life coaching that moves individuals forward, allowing them to take COMMAND of their lives. With over 25 years of proven experience, she is a leading authority on leadership and professional development and has worked with, and trained top leaders across the globe. 

Having served in key leadership positions and as a successful business owner, she knows quite well some of the challenges one faces when pursuing the career and life of their dreams. Prior to starting her career at Infinity Coaching, Inc. Carolyn served in the United States Navy for over 24 years, retiring as a Navy Commander in 2012. 

During her career, she has served as the director of Human Capital Management, an organization of over 4,800 civilians, military and contract personnel. Her favorite assignment while on active duty was when she served as a Professor in the Department of Command Leadership and Management at the United States Army War College. Upon retiring, she decided to turn the part she loved most about her job into a second career.




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