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We Can Promote Your Business

Receive Qualified Leads: We can promote your business by sending you leads through referral forms.

Sell Your Products: We can also sell your products, books and CDs, using pay per click tracking links, just like Google does, only better.

We Will Send You Qualified Leads


We create a feature page about your company. You can supply us with content, pictures, and videos. Visitors that come to our website that want to get in touch with you complete our referral forms. Our referral form provides visitors with your company's contact information.

Cost Per Referral: If someone wants to get a hold of you, they complete the referral form. The visitor enters in their name, email, phone number, and request. When the visitor clicks on the submit button, the referral fee is triggered. The visitor is directed to your website, or given your contact information. There is a $10 referral fee.

The referral is based on the visitor clicking on the submit button, and being given your contact information. The referral is not based on a sale, or on the accuracy of their contact information.

As a bonus, you will be emailed, in real time, the visitor's contact information that they entered into the referral form. An email is also sent to the visitor with your contact information.

We Can Sell Your Products 

You can feature and sell your company product(s).  

Cost Per Click: You can display as many products as you wish. There is a 1% cost per click on the
Buy Button, regardless if a purchase is made. It works exactly like Google Adsense per click model.

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