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You don't have to be knocked unconscious from a linebacker to get a concussion.

You could hit your head, NOT lose consciousness, and experience the same life threatening effects of a concussion.

"People dismiss the seriousness of head injuries, when they do not lose consciousness. Then hours, days, even months later, the debilitating effects of a concussion can erupt, even resulting in death" reports Sheryl Hensel, author of the Concussion Book.

This was well publicized when Laim Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson fell when skiing on a beginner's slope. There were NO obvious signs of injury. She felt fine, but later complained of a headache, only to die 2 days later from a epidural hematoma.

The vast majority of concussions DO NOT involve the loss of consciousness.

Sheryl Hensel also experience a head injury, but because she didn't lose consciousness, ignored it too. This decision nearly cost her, her life.

"When you get a head injury there are signs to look for, and things you MUST DO. That's why I wrote this book on Concussions. Knowing what I know now... could have saved me from years of rehabilitation and financial ruin!" reports Sheryl.

Learn what to do today, if tomorrow you fall and hit your head.

: Joan Meijer, Itty BittyPublishing 310-529-1875
Concussion Book: 15 Essential Things You Should Know About Head Injuries; Author, Sheryl Hensel

Sheryl Hensel's Story

15 Essential Things You Should Know About Head Injuries

12/23/2012 Newport Beach, California. Sheryl Hensel was a school teacher on her way to pick up snacks for her class in1998 when an accident changed her life forever.

A car swerved off the road, crossed a sidewalk and slammed into a brick wall. Hensel stopped her car and ran across the road to help. The driver was having a seizure.

Hensel ran back to her car and was calling 911 when she was hit by a passing motorist.
She flew through the air, landed on the base of her spine and hit the back of her head but never lost consciousness.

She was diagnosed with a concussion, but because she had not lost consciousness didn’t think much about it.

It wasn’t until six months after the accident that the symptoms connected to the concussion began to appear. She suddenly fell asleep at the wheel, forgot to turn off the gas, her depth perception was off, and she suffered from debilitating migraines which she had never had before. 

As part of rehabilitation, her cognitive levels were tested. Sheryl, a college graduate, could not function on a High School level.

In 2005, she was exposed to the energetic healing modality Quantum Energetics Structural Therapy (QEST), that fully relieved her symptoms and restored her cognitive abilities. Today Hensel is a certified QEST™ practitioner and uses this proven, healing method to assist others in healing their physical symptoms.

Her new book; Your Amazing Itty Bitty ™ Concussion Book 15 Essential Things You Should Know About Head Injuries... presents the 15 vitally important things everyone should know about brain injuries and the threat they can pose to the long term health and well- being of people from high school athletes to housewives.

“These injuries can turn life threatening,” Hensel says. Hensel is available for interviews on this subject. She is not only a certified practitioner who works with the victims of head injury but has lived the experience herself.







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