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Itty Bitty™ Books started as a 67 page book about weight loss.

Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer wrote and self-published it back in the days when they knew nothing about publishing.

However the did have an insider's look at the publishing as they had both been published authors by many large publishing houses, and Meijer had also been successfully self-publishing erotic short stories.

That first book was very different than the one that set the standard for the Itty Bitty™ Books of today.

Here's A Look At Today's New & Improved
Version Of The Book That Launched It All!

Around Thanksgiving 2014 Prudden asked Meijer to revisit the Itty Bitty™ Book. “I’ve always hated the cover. Now that you’re into cover design do you think you can do something better?” Meijer went home and designed a new cover which became the standard for Itty Bitty™ Books of all kinds. She also cut the contents in half using only the 15 steps at the beginning.

“We wanted a short book,” said Prudden. “There was no reason to read a 300 page tome about weight loss, or most anything else for that matter, when the core information is basically simple and could be boiled down into a few pages.”

In fact, the market was leading them in the direction of short books. Fewer and fewer people like to read. They want the information, but they don’t want long books.
Meijer showed a proof of the new book to her good friend a former editor turned writer and all around brilliant and insightful person.

“Who’s your audience?” Her friend asked.

“People interested in weight loss who don’t enjoy reading long books,” Meijer replied. “Cut to the chase readers like me.”

“Well this book is short but it’s still difficult to read. Why don’t you put it all in numbered paragraphs or with bullet points? Break it apart for the readers.”

It was a miracle moment. Meijer went home and started prying apart manuscripts. By this time she had a few prospective books because Prudden had been out talking about Itty Bitty™ Books at Networking Meetings and signing up expert authors.

Within a matter of weeks Itty Bitty™ had gone from a great idea to a real company. They launched the company on January 1, 2015 and by January 5th had their first signed author with dozens more in the wings.

Itty Bitty™ Books is a wonderful match between experts in many subjects who don’t consider themselves writers but can certainly talk about 15 Steps to Excellence in their fields – and readers who want that information and don’t want to read pages of personal stories, case histories and filler.

“Our next step will be Itty Bitty™ Audio,” says Prudden. “We’re planning to start recording each of our Itty Bitty™ Books and making it possible for our various markets to listen to that expert information in their cars.







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