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Itty Bitty® Publishing, is owned by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer.

Itty Bitty® Books are on topics from Weight Loss to Marijuana. It's the 15 steps to anything.

Prudden says; “Itty Bitty® books are like a text book, the difference between large information books and Itty Bitty® books is that the information books are 350 pages that you have to read with a yellow highlighter, Itty Bitty® books are the yellow highlights.”

A book positions you as an expert - an authority in field. It also positions you to create a 7 figure business using your Itty Bitty® book as a business builder, not just a business card.

You will get:

  • Personal coaching 
  • Annual Highly Impactful Business Builders Boot Camp
  • Best selling campaign
  • Exposure as an expert in your field

The market is demanding... Short Books with Bullet Point Answers.

It's a Headline Society. Fewer people like to read. They want the information, but they don’t want long books.

We are also in the process of producing audio versions of our Itty Bitty® Books, making it possible for our various markets to listen to that expert information in their cars.

Itty Bitty® Books is the perfect match between experts and readers who want their information and don’t want to read pages of personal stories, case histories and filler.

If you have information to share, that will be of interest or benefit to others we can make you a published author, easily, fast and in a cost effective manner.

Books give credibility. If you can talk about 15 Steps to Excellence in your field, we want to talk to you.

Please complete the form to the right, and we'll give you a free consultation to let you know if together we can make you the next Best Seller.



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