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Riverside County Commission For Women
Woman of The Year Award

May, 2016: Itty Bitty® Publishing author, Megan Kennedy, was awarded the Woman of the Year Award for District V by the Riverside County Commission for women.

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CONCUSSION Consciousness

12/28/15: You don't have to be knocked unconscious from a linebacker to get a concussion. You could hit your head, NOT lose consciousness, and experience the same life threatening effects of a concussion. 

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Marijuana Use

Mary Jayne just featured in MJ Headline News


I have so much respect for Suzy Prudden in everything she does! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak on several occasions and I’m always impressed with the way she engages her audience. She speaks from the heart and keeps them entertained with her informative content and funny delivery.

As founders of Itty Bitty® Publishing, Suzy and her sister ​Joan Meijer are dedicated to their authors and go above and beyond to help them publish and promote their books. Suzy ​and Joan were  instrumental in getting my book published. I am honored to be a part of the Itty Bitty® community.  


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